September 25, 2013

ClinchFX now has a dealer in Belgium.

Gosia Guitars is now stocking ClinchFX EP-PRE, EP+, EP+ Custom and is the first in the world to stock our Burnish Boost.

Burnish red cropped


As a result of our development work with the EP+, we found a way of reducing the output impedance of the EP-PRE without losing any of the EP “magic” tone.

Since mid-September 2011, all new EP-PRE pedals have been shipped with the latest development – lower output impedance.  This will allow the EP-PRE to work properly with some pedal board interfaces and delays that have lower input impedance than most amplifiers.  The old high output impedance version will be available as pre-order only option.


The EP+

Click here to visit our ClinchFX EP+ page

                                EP Plus

The EP+ is now available from stock.


EP+ Custom

One of our customers asked for an EP+ with the EP goodness always on, with boost controlled by the stomp switch.  Here it is, the EP+ Custom.  The EP-PRE magic is always on at fixed gain, just a little above unity.  When you kick in the boost with the stomp switch, the volume knob controls the amount of boost.

                                                EP Plus Custom

EP+ Custom pedals are now available from stock.