About ClinchFX



ClinchFX began operating in early 2005. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing analog effects for the music industry.

We are located in Warner, an outer northern suburb of Brisbane, Australia. Our time zone is Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Peter Clinch

I am a qualified Electronics Technician. My working experience has included:

  • Recording studio installation and service.
  • Service agent for two large Japanese music equipment manufacturers.
  • PA installation and service.
  • Video, TV and Hi Fi service.
  • Industrial electronics.
  • Sound engineering for rock music and live theatre.

I started playing around with guitars and electronics in my early teens. Because I didn’t spend enough time locked in my room with a guitar, I never became a good guitar player. I did become a good electronics tech, and have spent most of my working life in electronics, often in combination with music.

Experience servicing musical equipment and working with bands has taught me a lot about what can go wrong. In my designs, I have tried very hard to design around the common failures that can happen.

In December 2007, I left my full time job to concentrate on designing and building effects. I occasionally contract my expertise to a company that installs and services PA systems.

Mandy Clinch

As well as a trade qualification as an Electronics Technician, I have an Advanced Diploma in Electronic Engineering.

My industry experience ranges from Audio System and Video Camera repair, including removal and replacement of SMD components.