EP Plus

ClinchFX EP+

What is the EP+

The ClinchFX EP+ is is based on the enormously successful ClinchFX EP-PRE.  The “front end” is a standard EP-PRE common-source JFET preamplifier which includes the ability to select EP-3 early or late serial number tones.  In the EP+ there is a second JFET boost stage, similar to the EP-PRE circuit, but with reduced output impedance.  Regardless of the reduced output impedance, this second stage is an active boost stage, not a unity gain buffer.

One advantage of reduced output impedance is that the EP+ can drive longer cable runs without losing high frequencies.

The internal charge-pump voltage doubler power supply allows the EP+ deliver up to 18db of clean boost.  The exact amount of boost available depends on how hard you drive the input of the EP+.  As with any amplifier circuit, excessive input levels will cause clipping, but when driven to clipping, the EP+ creates a softer type of clipping, unlike many other solid state circuits.

A big plus in using a boost stage instead of a buffer is that the pedal retains the tone enhancing qualities of the already successful EP-PRE.


EP+ Features

Volume Control

With the Volume Control fully anti-clockwise, there will be no output from the EP+.  As you turn the control in a clockwise direction, the output will increase.

Stomp Switch

We have these switches custom made to our specification, which includes gold contacts for maximum reliability when switching very low current in pedals.


As with our other pedals, the PCB has a full ground plane on one side to improve noise immunity.

Power Supply

The EP+ pedal operates from a 9-12V DC, Centre Negative power supply that has become the standard for most pedals.

The EP+ has the same Charge-Pump power supply that has proven successful in the EP-PRE.  The charge-pump converts 9 Volts to more than 17 Volts, or 12 Volts to just over 23 Volts.  At either voltage, careful selection of the JFETS used in the pedal ensures plenty of headroom for clean boost.


The US price for the ClinchFX EP+ is USD$149 plus $10 for Air Mail Shipping.

If you are not from the USA, please contact us for price and postage rates.

We use PayPal for payment.  Within Australia, we can accept direct bank deposits in Australian Dollars from Australian customers only.

Sound Clips

Brett Kingman, aka Burgs, has made the great video reviews, above, that show the EP+ at its best.


If you have any questions, or if you are interested in ordering an EP+, please use the Contact Us page to send an email.  When you email, please let us know what part of the world you are from.

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